Pet Microchipping

A person check dog micro chip
Microchipping is a significant and permanent identification for our patients. A microchip is an electronic chip that is encased by glass. It is cylinder-shaped and only as big as a grain of rice. It is placed subcutaneously (beneath the skin) between the patient’s shoulder blades.

How does it work?

A microchip is not a tracking device. It is activated by a microchip scanner and produces an identification number. If the patient has been registered with the microchip identification number, we can access a universal database to find its owners.

At Downey Veterinary Hospital, we highly recommend that all our patients be implanted with a microchip. It can be done during a routine visit or during an anesthetic procedure. The microchip system used at Downey Veterinary Hospital (as of 2023) provides the following:

  • Metal Collar ID Tag.
  • Barcode labels.
  • Guaranteed life-long identification (15-digit microchip code).
  • Life-long registration (2 phone numbers, email address, and contact information).
  • Manufactured by a Certified ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Manufacturer.
  • Anti-migration coating – ensuring that gravity won’t move the microchip from the area between the shoulder blades.