About Downey Veterinary Hospital

Downey Veterinary Hospital is a privately owned and operated facility and has been active in the community for over 47 years. Since the former owner’s retirement in 2021, the De Villas have successfully taken over the care of several existing patients and are introducing new ones daily.

Our Mission

Our team of animal care professionals strives to maintain the wonderful relationships that exist between people and animals in our community by offering exceptional and affordable veterinary care.


Our vision is to uphold the highest standard of veterinary care and to promote the best quality of life for all our patients. Our entire team is empowered to be patient advocates. Through continuing education, transparency, and open communication, we hope to build trust and create honest relationships between us, our clients, and their beloved furry companions. Our goal is to set the precedent of a positive and healthy culture to help guide the future of Veterinary Medicine.

Core Values

Integrity – Our team is committed to providing the best care to our patients by promoting honesty and having high principles within our work.

Innovation – Through continuing education, we learn and welcome innovative ideas, tools, and practices that can improve the care of our patients.

Inclusivity – We strive to cultivate and maintain a welcoming environment and safe space for our diverse team and clientele. We are devoted to finding new ways to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace to provide optimal care to our employees, clients, and patients.

Compassion – Understanding the importance of communication opens a path to providing compassionate conversations that everyone deserves. We take pride in taking the time to ensure we are meeting everyone’s needs.

Love – The human-animal bond is something we understand and cherish greatly. Our clients and their beloved companions are at the heart of everything we do.